The Hottest Video Games to buy This Holiday Season

Published On December 5, 2012 | Gaming

Whether your brother loves first-person shooting games, your niece is a fan of the Sims or your best friend loves multiplayer online games, video games make great holiday gifts. Ultimate editions offer the above-and-beyond experience, while a used game is the perfect stocking stuffer. Don’t drive yourself crazy as you shop at multiple stores this year. You might just find every person on your list will love a different video game, and these are the ones that are hot this holiday season.

November brought with it a slew of game releases, and many of those will be hot items come Christmas. Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are two of the biggest games released this year. In Halo 4, Master Chief and Cortana return with a surprisingly emotional storyline, while COD: BO2 offers familiar shoot ’em up scenarios in both single-player and multiplayer modes. There are some tweaks do help it to stand out from previous Call of Duty games.

Not every game worth buying is brand new, however. Borderlands 2 is also a great game if the special people on your shopping list own an Xbox 360, PC or PS3. This sequel is a great game that introduces players to first-person shooters, and it also features some strong female characters. Borderlands 2 has been out for a couple of months but it’s definitely worth dropping into your cart.

Mass Effect 3 is ideal for anyone who has followed Commander Shepard through the epic, sci-fi story arc. The game wraps up what the first two have built upon. Mechanics appeal to fans of shooters and RPGs, which means this might be the only game you need to buy everyone on your list. It’s available for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sony had a lot of buzz when Dishonored was released for the PS3. Also available on the PC, Dishonored introduces the concept of stealth to first-person shooters, which helps to make the gameplay more interesting. Besides shooting, you get to teleport and slow time as you protect the throne to which you swore allegiance.

Nintendo recognizes that not everyone loves shooting games and the company’s newest system, the Wii U, provides plenty of titles for fans of other genres. New Super Mario Bros. U brings back everyone’s favorite plumber and his crew. For teenagers and adults who like games more mature, ZombiU takes advantage of the world’s latest obsession.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it will help make holiday shopping easier, especially if you’re not familiar with video games yourself. These are just a few of the hottest video games available this holiday season.



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