The Rise of the Curved Screen

Published On January 21, 2014 | Electronics

It sounds like a cheesy science fiction movie, where a post-apocalyptic world is taken over by a legion of evil … mobile devices?

Just when you thought smartphone and mobile device technology had peaked and the differences between the devices were shrinking, the industry has thrown you a curve – literally.

Leading executives took the stage this month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to announce plans to introduce curved screens on mobile devices to the marketplace. It’s the result of years of testing and the latest development in an increasingly competitive and innovative product line.

“I’ve never had a device where so many people stopped and ask about it,” said David Owen, VP of Product Management at Sprint.

It’s a big deal in the development of mobile devices as ultra-thin, naturally bendable displays become a reality. Curved screens are even coming to TVs, with screens that offer four times the resolution of HD, improved picture and the 21:9 aspect ratio gives extraordinary appeal to even the most ordinary of shows. Curved screens are a movie lover’s dream and potentially a great comfort for cell phone users.

Why Curves?

On mobile devices, the curve reduces reflection and glare, thereby providing for a better video-watching experience. Moreover, the curve is more form fitting to the face, so it’s a better fit when held up when speaking or when carrying in your pocket, depending on whether the curve is horizontal or vertical. In other words, the curved screen is more accommodating and sleek-looking. Two curvy trail blazers, LG’s G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round, are already receiving rave reviews from users who love the increased comfort and viewing quality.

The logical next step from curved phones is fully bendable displays, although that would require more than just the screen to be flexible. That would be smartphones meets Transformers, and only time will tell if that’s the next big thing.

For now, technology continues to be the new frontier and the new frontier just may be curved.

Are You Ready to Hit a Curve?

Now that you see how curved displays are putting a new twist to your favorite technology devices, are you ready for a smartphone, tablet or even TV set with a rounded screen? Are you already using a curved display device at home or work? Let us know what you think.

– By Jessica Oaks



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