The Spookiest Apps for a Frightful Halloween

Published On October 8, 2014 | Uncategorized

This year, take your Halloween to a new level and tap into the underworld from your smartphone. The spooky holiday gets a high-tech makeover with ghost-hunting, haunted-house-locating apps designed to spook. If you dare, check out our list of creep-tastic apps to try this Halloween.


Get an eerie feeling in your basement? Does your backyard at night seem otherworldly? Test it for ghosts! The Ghost-O-Meter will let you know if spirits are present with a sensitive ghost-detecting needle. The needle will vibrate as it’s exposed to paranormal activity, getting more intense, glowing brightly, and finally alerting you if a spirit encounter occurs.

Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder

Follow in the footsteps of the ghost-hunting pros (in this case, the stars of Syfy’s hit show, Ghost Hunters) with this guide to over 100 of America’s most haunted locations. From restaurants to hotels to tourist attractions, you’ll be sneaking around haunted locales while interacting with other paranormal-enthusiasts via the app’s message board. New locations are added after each episode, so keep checking back for more places near you.

Dark Haunts Haunted Site Locator App

Search for haunted locations across the United States with this GPS-style app. Either let the app detect your location for you or look anywhere by searching manually. With a link-up to Google Maps, you’ll have no trouble finding everything from haunted cemeteries and landmarks to restaurants and more. Each entry includes a detailed description to guide you towards the supernatural.

Ghost Communicator

Receive signals from the other side with this eerie app. Simply place your finger on the scanning radar and follow the commands. The spirits’ cryptic messages will appear on the screen, directing you from beyond the grave.

Ghost Recorder

Access the ghoulish sounds the human ear can’t detect with this hyper-sensitive ghost-recording app. Head into an area where you suspect otherworldly activity taking place and turn on the recorder. After you’ve gathered a sampling of sound waves, hit save and play back your recording. You might be surprised by what the recorder picks up.


Don’t just sense or hear ghostly activity, get the proof on film to show to your friends! This unique app will help you capture those supernatural encounters for posterity. Use the app to monitor paranormal activity; once the activity is high enough, your camera will be activated. Snap a picture, and the Ghost-O-Graph will scan the photo for evidence of the occult, enhancing anything out of the ordinary. Is that splash of light feedback from a nearby microwave or is it something otherworldly? The answer might be too spooky for words.

Ghost Tours… Anywhere in the World!

Whether you’re in Savannah, Georgia or Singapore this Halloween, find a location-specific app for an after-dark walking tour. Pack up your trick-or-treat bags and gather your friends to discover the haunted corners of your hometown with a self-guided tour past darkened buildings, ancient burial grounds, and long-forgotten spots. Many of these apps offer interactive maps, eerie tales, and historical context to keep you ghost-hunting for hours on end.

These apps will haunt, taunt, and delight you for many nights to come. It’s Halloween 2.0 and your holiday will never be the same.

– By Jessica Oaks



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