This iPhone Case is a Real Stunner

Published On June 27, 2013 | Mobile

We’ve all seen some pretty flashy iPhone cases. There are the ones encrusted with shiny jewels, the ones that look like old school cassette tapes and even the Hello Kitty one my daughter loves so much. But now, there’s a new iPhone case that really packs a punch – about 650,000 volts, to be exact.

Yellow Jacket, a company founded by a former U.S. Army soldier and his college buddy, has already sold a few thousand of its iPhone cases which also double as a stun gun capable of delivering a powerful electrical charge. The idea came about after one of the inventors was robbed inside his home and wished he could have fought back.

According to a recent article about the product,

“Touch the device to someone and it can deliver a shock that causes significant discomfort, ranging from mild to extreme pain … To prevent an accidental discharge, users first have to flip two safety switches and then press an activation button.”

The cases are only available for iPhone 4/4S models with plans to expand to Android devices. They come in black, white, pink and yellow and retail for $139.99. They’re banned in states where stun guns are illegal (so check your local laws) and are not sold to children (sorry, you have to be at least 18 to buy one).

With the new stun gun iPhone case, if you’re ever robbed or otherwise assaulted by a criminal, you can do a lot more than just call the police.

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