Top 8 Websites for Renting and Trading Games

Published On May 15, 2013 | Gaming

If you’ve been searching for the right place to trade your games or rent games, there are a ton of choices. However, some offer a bit more than others and even have a cheaper price. Check out the top eight places for trading and renting video games in 2013.

1. Goozex

If you’re looking for a different way to trade games, try Goozex. It’s super cheap and allows you to trade your games for points, which you can exchange for other games on the site. Games are available for all systems, including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. You can also search your game on Goozex to see how many points its worth, usually somewhere between 100 and 1,000 points. All in all, it’s about .99 cents for each basic trade, but other games could cost more. You sign up for free and also get a free trade token.

2. GameFly

GameFly is like the Netflix of games. You can subscribe to the service and receive one or two games at a time. The games are mailed through the United States Postal Service. Games are usually received within two to four days from request. You can keep the games for an unlimited amount of time and then send them back to GameFly when you’re done. GameFly has more than 8,000 games in their inventory, including all new games. The price depends on the membership plan you want, but the $8.95 plan offers the best value with an average of five to six game rentals a month.

3. GameTZ

Game Trading Zone (GameTZ), which started in 1996, was originally a forum of gamers that helped each other exchange their favorite games. Now it’s a way to help members buy and/or sell used video games. GameTZ covers all the platforms and offers reviews of each game. GameTZ is free to sign up and use, but it’s all based on reputation and history. Those traders who have been with GameTZ the longest have the best reputation and will have a yellow or gray star next to their name. This service is free as long as you have games to trade yourself.

4. Blockbuster Total Access

Blockbuster has been revving up its game rental market since the popularity of gaming for cheap became prominent with other sites like GameFly. Blockbuster has rental plans for two discs at a time, including games for $14.99 a month. The one disc at a time plan is $9.99. Some critics have pointed out that Blockbuster is still slacking on its selection of games, but it covers all platforms and provides a ton of newer games to rent.

5. Gamerang

Gamerang is also a great game rental service. It offers weekly promotions for cheaper plans and services all the big platforms like Xbox, Sony and Nintendo Wii. You can sign up for $14.95 a month.

6. Redbox

Redbox is one of the easiest ways to rent games — if you live in an area with a good Redbox distributor. It’s easy to find all types of new games because the site is well organized. You can also see when the next games are going to be released and organize by platform. You can search for the game near you by using the “Find” feature and order your rental online, then head to the Redbox to pick up where it’s been reserved for you.

7. Steam

Steam is arguably one of the most popular ways to buy and play PC games. Trading and gifting on Steam is easy with friends. You just select a friend on your list, right click and then click on “Invite to Trade.” Not all games are tradable, but you can trade items and coupons from your Steam backpack. There is no monthly subscription fee for using Steam, you just have to pay for the games you purchase.

8. Yahoo! Games for PC

This is a bit different than other types of online game rental models. You don’t have to rent games by mail, but instead can install them right from the browser through your Internet connection. You also buy games separately instead of having to pick a monthly plan.

These are just a few of the many sites available for renting or trading games. Which site is your favorite or what other sites do you know of?



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