Top Tech Devices to Watch for in 2015

Published On March 18, 2015 | Tech Business

This year isn’t just about the updated smartphones, thinner laptops, and clearer screens of yesteryear, it’s about mind-blowing, game-changing technology. From wearable technology to virtual reality, these devices are broadening the scope of tech gadgets for years to come. With that, we present the top tech devices coming your way in 2015.

Smart Watches

Kicking off the year of the smart watch, Apple recently introduced its much-hyped Apple Watch, the latest gadget to hit the wearable technology market. With the flick of a wrist, Apple Watch allows you to use Apple Pay, send and receive calls and messages, track your fitness, and use Siri. But its competitors are following strong, including newer versions of Samsung and Pebble smart watches rumored to make an appearance just around the corner.

Bigger and Better

Tablets are nothing new anymore and the stores are saturated with options of all sizes, but Apple is expected to introduce their largest tablet yet sometime towards the end of 2015. Measuring over 12 inches, it’s far closer to a standard laptop than their mini tablet. The new size means new possibilities and expanded applications.

Virtual Reality

Rumor has it that Oculus Rift will finally make its way out of development and into your hands. Though gamers in particular have been waiting with bated breath for Oculus Rift to hit the market, its applications could extend into new ways of interacting with social media and entertainment. Also in on the virtual reality action is Sony, with its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset, which is expected to make its debut in late 2015.

Mini Revolution

When it comes to tablets and laptops, consumers seem to love thin and sleek, with a particular interest in all things small. Apple has pretty much cornered the mini tablet market with its various iPad Minis, but Microsoft’s popular Microsoft Surface is rumored to join its shrunken competitors with a mini version some time this year. The Surface Mini’s functionality is still pretty hush-hush (with the possibility of a new touch-screen compatible Microsoft Office), but Microsoft fans can keep an eye out for a mid-late 2015 release on the Surface Mini.

3D Printers

Already on the market, 3D printing technology is getting cheaper each year, so naturally, 2015 offers the largest selection to date with prices that are finally making purchasing a 3D printer a real option. From entry-level to pro, you can find printers and 3D doodle pens to suit your needs and budget. Keep an eye out for ever-improving printing technology and new ways to use it.

Bendable Screens

This technology is probably the coolest of the bunch: screens that bend. Flexible screen technology has long been in prototype phase, with samples ranging from roll-able tablets to paper-thin phones. But Samsung is expected to breakthrough with one of the first commercially available flexible displays in the form of a new smartphone. If a success, this could mark an exciting new frontier for display screen technology.

Between impressive improvements on existing trends and the introduction of unprecedented devices, 2015 is shaping up to be a banner year for the tech industry.

– By Jessica Oaks



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