Transform Your Photos With These Great Photo Editing Apps

Published On May 20, 2014 | App & Software

With smartphone cameras getting better and better, many of us have ditched our actual cameras for the convenience of our phones. Another perk to taking photos with your smartphone is the availability of photo editing apps so you can tweek your photos on the go. Here are some top picks for photo editing apps to help you get the most out of your smartphone’s camera.


VSCO Cam allows users to change the look of their photos with a variety of filters and tools to edit exposure, contrast, and temperature. It’s a great app for foodies and nature lovers who want to share their pictures with others on the VSCO Grid, or you can choose to keep your photos private. You can even copyright your photos with VSCO Cam or set your photos up to be shared freely.


This app allows you to fit full-size photos into a square, making it perfect for Instagram users. With SquareFX you don’t need to crop photos to make them fit into a square. You also have the luxury of being able to rotate, scale, reverse, or move photos. The SquareFX app even allows you to change photo backgrounds to different colors, patterns, or gradations.


If you love taking selfies, moreBeaute is the app for you. It is a free photo editing app designed to make skin look bright, even, and smooth so you can look flawless in any selfie. The moreBeaute allows you to easily adjust the brightness of a photo, making skin look more even, reducing splotchiness and dark under eye circles. Not only is moreBeaute useful for correcting skin tone, it can even be used as a general editing tool to brighten photos that are overall too dark.


Mirrorgram is a fun app which allows you to create mirrored, kaleidoscopic images. You can use existing photos from your camera roll or use the app to take new photos. Once you’ve chosen a photo to mirror, you can use the app to layer your image and create a psychedelic, mind bending picture. Mirrorgram includes filter effects to add even more fun to mirrored images.


This app makes photos look more stunning with High Dynamic Range. HDR FX Pro is especially great for landscape or travel shots as it’s specifically designed for making outdoor shots look their best with 42 HDR preset settings for scenery, sky, and ground. This app will even analyze your photos to help you choose the right HDR preset so you’ll have gorgeous pictured every time. You can also use HDR FX Pro to adjust highlights, opacity, and shadow, add a vignette or a border. Photos can be saved to your camera roll and shared on Instagram or other photo sharing sites.

Photo editing apps can add new life to your pictures with fun backgrounds, crazy effects, or simply make a photo look polished. Have fun with your photos. It’s time to make the most of your smartphone’s camera, start photo editing today!

– By Jennifer Thayer



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