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Published On July 23, 2015 | App & Software

Summer is here and millions of Americans will soon hit the road for destinations both domestic and abroad. Unsurprisingly the key to making these journeys fun, safe and relaxing is proper prep. Once that might have meant packing an atlas and extra undies but today being all set usually means having the right apps.

Whether you want to find the faster route from A to B, vegan eats in America’s carnivorous heartland or the right words to locate a bathroom in Bulgaria, there’s an app for just about anything. Here are seven apps that will make globetrotting – or your next staycation – much more enjoyable.


Before you head out on your trip, snag a great deal on flights with Hopper. It predicts the optimal time to buy tickets from major carriers by alerting you when prices drop below historic averages – especially useful for those with flexibility where dates are concerned.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight works with hotels in major metro areas to fill last-minute vacancies with the travelers who need them most. While the coverage is still limited, the last-minute deals and steals are actually available up to a week in advance despite the catchy name.


Whoever said getting there is half the fun must not have taken many road trips. Waze is crowdsourcing an answer to traffic jams, pricey gas and other road trip calamities by connecting local drivers in real time. Users share traffic updates, the skinny on cheap fuel and alternate routes.


Overflowing with tips and information added by real locals, Localeur is your insider’s guide to 16 major US cities (with more destinations coming soon). Use it to create the most authentic, road-less-traveled, locals-only vacation experience.


If you’re worried about getting there only to have no idea what’s going on, Goby has you covered. The app shows you neighborhood hot spots and happenings like eateries, museums, concerts, plays and other diversions to add to your travel to-do list.


In the US, we have 911. In the EU, it’s 112. The UK uses 999. For the rest, TravelSafe has the emergency contact numbers for nearly every country in the world, along with embassy and consulate contact info so you know who to call in a crisis.

JiWire’s Wi-Fi Finder

Using data at your destination will cost you an arm and a leg so use the free Wi-Fi finder by JiWire instead. Search the directory to find known hot spots or scan to locate the nearest free signal, and never be without your email.

Can you travel without apps? Yes. But should you? Surveys show serious travelers tend to use one or two, with big time road trippers using the most. A growing number of casual vacationers are using travel apps to book flights and to save money. The value is definitely there – just limit your downloads to those apps that will help you fulfill your travel goals to get the most value.

– By Jennifer Thayer



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