Two Paws Up? — DirecTV Offers Programming for Dogs

Published On April 16, 2013 | Tech Business

Have you ever had a friend bail on you at the last minute because they said they didn’t want to leave their dog home alone? Well, now it’s time they come up with some other lame excuse.

DirecTV will begin airing DogTV later this year. Yes, you heard it right — the largest U.S. satellite-television provider is going to be offering the premium channel aimed at canine audiences for $5.99 a month.

According to Bloomberg,

“DogTV, which calls itself the first and only TV network for dogs, is designed to comfort animals and stave off loneliness when pet owners are out of the house. The DirecTV (DTV) agreement marks the biggest distribution deal for the nascent channel, which is currently available online for $9.99. It’s also being offered as an on-demand channel to Cox Communications Inc. subscribers in California for $4.99 a month.”

We’re thinking a Lassie marathon would be a perfect way to kick off the new channel. Tell us what shows your dog would enjoy in the comments section.



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