Video Games to Add to Your Christmas Wish List

Published On November 12, 2013 | Gaming

Seemingly every year you hear about tons of new advancements in video game technology and this year is certainly no different. If anything, this is a year that is stronger, especially with the releases of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A common question asked by video game outsiders is: “How can video games get even better than they already are?” The answer can be found with the two new gaming consoles.

The wrap on PS4 is that the system is the most powerful on the planet – more powerful than any computer and that the technological advancements with the system allow video game developers to do more with their games.

As far as Xbox One goes, it is being marketed as an all-in-one entertainment device rather than simply a device for gamers. Its features allow users to talk to the device and give it instructions to change from a game to live television, the Internet or even take Skype calls or use all simultaneously.

Something to realize, however, is that some of the best games won’t be available on the new consoles for a few months, and it is not known when they will be released. In addition, the new consoles are not compatible with PS3 or Xbox 360 games.

Here is a list of the best individual games that you can play on your current system:

Grand Theft Auto V

This game was one of the most hyped games of the last few years, mainly because it took Rockstar Games four years to develop and because its predecessors are some of the most addictive games ever. Not only does this game meet the hype, but it goes above and beyond, while also setting the bar for future gaming. Sure, it’s violent, vulgar and isn’t recommended for children, but this is a must have for fans of this billion dollar franchise.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

You’ve probably seen the gaudy commercials for this new installment of the first-person shooter series. It is one of the best of its kind among the new releases in video games this season. The game won’t win any awards for its plot but that isn’t unlike any of its predecessors in the franchise. There is tons of action in the game that makes you feel like you are living out a military Hollywood movie.

Battlefield 4

 This is Call of Duty’s main competitor, but odds are, if you have played both franchises before, then both games would be very enjoyable. This installment is similar to its last predecessor with a bit more added weapon customization.

NBA 2K14

 If you are a sports gamer, this one is high on the list for game play. The 2K franchise is growing and some of the features in this game show it. You can operate as a team’s general manager, where you can control everything from player contract negotiations and the price of concessions. This will be available on Xbox One and PS4.

Forza 5

If you are into racing games, this one is a solid installment in this series, where you can drive your favorite cars and race them against your friends. The improvements from the previous version include better graphics and fairer multiplayer play.

These are just a view the video games to add to your Christmas wish list. Which game is at the top of your list?

— By Tim Alan



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