Waterproof Gadgets for Your Wet and Wild Summer

Published On July 30, 2015 | Electronics

The fastest way to cool off a hot summer party used to be accidentally knocking a device into the pool, but not anymore! Some of today’s newest and most advanced gadgets have been designed with summer play in mind. The following tech is perfect for boaters, beach goers and anyone who spends most of summer lounging by the pool. You can safely splash these devices and accessories or in some cases, even submerge them in water without ruining anyone’s fun.

The SuperStar BackFloat

Don’t let one splash stop the jams. Float this powerful waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the pool or Jacuzzi or use it at the water’s edge without worry. No matter how wet things get it keeps pumping out powerful, precise sound. Better still, it’s also a speaker phone so you can you order pizza from the deep end of the pool.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5

While swimming with this smartphone isn’t recommended, some tests have submerged it for an hour or more only to have it work perfectly when it was back on dry land. If you’re the kind of partier prone to jumping in the pool with your phone in your pocket it’s probably worth the upgrade.

Ricoh WG-30 14MP Camera

While the fact that this camera is freezeproof to -10℃ isn’t going to make or break your pool party, it’s still pretty cool. More practical for summertime revelry is the camera’s epic waterproofing – down to 12m – plus the shock-proofing and crush-proofing. All that along with amazing image quality makes this a year-round winner.

The Kobo Aura H20

Relax near the pool while catching up on your backlog of books with this waterproof e-reader that’s also perfect for beach or bath time use. You can even float in the pool without worrying about butterfingers – if you drop it in, just grab it and use the included cloth to dry the screen.

Lifeproof’s Nuud iPhone Case

What makes this case so amazing for summer fun is that it doesn’t get between you and the touch screen. While you might not want to take your iPhone for a dip in the ocean, this case did survive The Wirecutter’s quarter-mile swim test along with several hours at the bottom of a pool. Alternatively, for keeping all your gadgets secure while paddle boarding or boating, try a Loksak – a surprisingly great waterproof bag for the price.

Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player

Leave your phone behind with these headphones that are also the only MP3 player you need on the go. With 4GB, you can drop up to 900 songs on them – and you can safely drop them into six feet of water, too. Wear them at the beach or while you do laps.

Summer is here and gone in a flash, so splash away and make some memories. With this lineup of devices and accessories, you’ll never have to worry about your gadgets keeping you high and dry.



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