Which Tablet to Gift: Microsoft Windows 8 vs. Apple iPad

Published On December 12, 2012 | Electronics

For many years, Microsoft had the upper hand in the computer world. However, when Steve Jobs MacOS appeared, it spelled trouble for the PC giant. With seamless virus-free software, an endless array of iPods, iPhones and iPads, Apple began to dominate in certain markets, specifically in tablets. With Windows 8, Microsoft is trying to regain some of its foothold with software that tries to connect to today’s super user, something that Steve Jobs was originally famous for.

What Windows 8 is and What it Isn’t-

Microsoft has had its ups and downs with operating systems. Its highly successful Windows XP and Windows 7 have allowed it to regain the markets in desktop software after a disappointing Windows Vista. Windows 8 is trying something new. Microsoft wanted to develop something that will bring the tablet to any touch screen computer with seamless tiles that allow users to instantly see updates from apps, email, social media and more. In addition, many say that it’s targeting the Applie iPad market and trying to do something that will revolutionize laptops with the convertible operating system. However, Windows 8 does have its flaws. There are no guarantees that the new operating system will work with all apps out there or that users will easily transition between the classic environment of Windows 7 to the new tiles of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Surface vs. Apple iPad-

Tim cook, Apple’s CEO, hasn’t had very nice things to say about the new Windows 8. In an interview with the Seattle Times, he called it “a fairly compromised product,” and said, “I suppose you could design a car that flies and floats, but I don’t think it would do all of those things very well.” Cook has been saying similar things about Windows 8 ever since it was announced, but what is the competition really between these two?

Apple iPad has offered a solid tablet, dominating its market, with a Retina Display. It’s the go-to tablet for many who want app support, lightweight build and a huge app store. The apps made for the iPhone are endless and offer everything that any user could want, from a grocery list organizer to an app that wakes you up by the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Microsoft doesn’t have the apps yet. Aside from the Kindle app, there’s really no support for book lovers or magazine readers, something that has allowed the tablet to really consume book stores by providing a virtual way to read anything at any time. Windows 8 does have Microsoft Office, and anyone who has tried to use Pages knows that nothing beats Microsoft Office. With touch screen capabilities and convertible laptop technology, Windows 8 may be the thing to revolutionize the mobile workplace.

Be Careful Microsoft, You’re Playing With Fire-

Some critics look at what Microsoft means to their core users. Many of Microsoft’s customers are gamers and businesses. Windows 8 is certainly not gamer friendly. It lacks support for desktop gamers, but it does have some pretty amazing software for mobile gamers, like its USB 3.0 support and the new SmartGlass app. However, this won’t appeal to the World of Warcraft crowd.

It’s difficult to say which tablet will truly outdo each other this holiday season. Perhaps, “wait and see” is the best phrase to place on a lot of criticisms about each tablet. Microsoft’s Surface tablet did sell out on its first day of pre-orders, which can only mean that it has garnered immediate success. We’ll have to wait until after the holidays to see which tablet takes the gold.



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