Why Appymouse is Quickly Becoming Popular Among Professionals

Published On April 3, 2014 | App & Software, Mobile

The past couple of years have witnessed a surge in the number of professionals using mobile devices, especially tablets, to stay in touch with their work on-the-go. Tablets provide high computing speeds within a portable device, but the environment users work in is quite different from what they are used to on a traditional desktop PC.

Screen Resolution

As the resolution of tablet screens keep increasing, the visibility of icons and other screen elements diminish. On a Full-HD screen, these elements are so small that users might wonder if they should have bought a magnifying glass as well. The only real option left is increasing the size of the screen elements, which consequently defeats the purpose of higher resolution.

The Windows 8 and 8.1 OS have been designed for devices with and without touchscreens (tablets and PCs). The touch-specific user interface works perfectly on a tablet, but if users want to recreate the desktop environment on the tablet – which is possible with the desktop mode – navigation becomes an issue. It is quite cumbersome navigating the desktop environment with just your thumbs, and an external mouse becomes essential.

User Interface

Native programs and third-party applications aren’t optimized for touchscreens. The size of navigation keys, like the menu button or the minimize button, are quite small and chances of tapping on the wrong button is high. An external mouse does solve this problem, but then the portability aspect of the tablet is diminished.

Microsoft Surface tablet users have the option of purchasing a touch/type cover in order to ease navigation issues. But not all Windows 8 and 8.1-powered tablets have that option.


This is where Appymouse proves its value. It is basically an onscreen or virtual transparent touchpad for tablets using the Windows 8 or 8.1 OS. It functions similar to a traditional laptop mouse and tracker. This application provides complete control over the desktop environment in a tablet. It behaves similar to a traditional mouse, which means users can right-click, left-click and double click using the Appymouse touchpad.

This transparent touchpad appears on the lower-right corner of the screen, by default. Users can drag and place it wherever they want. Appymouse works only in the desktop environment, so it doesn’t appear while using the MX or Metro UI. The size of the touchpad and tracker speed can be modified by right-clicking on the Appymouse icon and select ‘Options’.

A Windows 8-powered tablet wasn’t the primary choice for people working in a professional environment. An application like Appymouse can change that. Ideally users would want the desktop environment to be recreated on their tablets, without compromising on ease of functionality and navigation. Appymouse makes this possible.

The fact that the touchpad is transparent is another great intuitive move by the creators of Appymouse. Users can still see the contents of the screen while using the touchpad. For left-handed users the touchpad can easily be moved to the lower-left corner. Editing, creating a spreadsheet, replying to a mail, or even adding the final touches to presentations become smoother and easier with this application.

For professionals continuously on the move, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Any difficulty in using desktop applications on tablets will be eliminated or at the very least minimized considerably, and improve productivity.

The Beta version of Appymouse 2.0 was released in January 2014. The full version is expected to be out soon. The 2.0 version has several new functionality features. Visit Appymouse.com to try it for free or upgrade to version 2.0.

– By Jessica Oaks



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