Xbox One Vs. PS4 – Which Gaming Console Will Reign Supreme?

Published On June 26, 2013 | Gaming

Every five years or so, the big video game manufacturers – Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony – launch brand-new consoles (so-called “next generation” units) to replace their existing platforms. In the world of video gaming and technology, this is obviously a big deal. Technology moves fast and new consoles are expected to incorporate all-new features and capabilities – not just simple upgrades.

This year, Microsoft announced its next generation platform, simply called Xbox One. Not to be left behind, Sony has returned fire in the gaming console war and announced its PlayStation 4 (or simply called PS4). Both media devices are far more than simple gaming platforms – which is for you?

Xbox One – First to Launch

Sony announced the PS4 earlier this year and released the much-anticipated device on June 10 at the E3 conference – but only after Microsoft landed the first punch. Microsoft launched its Xbox One before PS4 with a widely publicized press conference that, as one would expect, was broadcast live online. However, the company probably didn’t expect the reaction that it got: one of shrugs, mockery and questions.

A simple query for “Xbox One” on YouTube finds highly ranked videos openly deriding the system; one is edited together in such a manner that the presenters are seen constantly repeating the phrase “TV” – a not-so-subtle critique of the new gaming console’s emphasis on television integration.

That being said, the gaming system delivers on the promise of new technology. It incorporates enhanced television viewing, integrates the company’s Kinect system for all actions and features improved Kinect capabilities. It also allows for voice commands and voice recognition, not only for games but for simple actions such as turning on the television and includes upgraded hardware capabilities, including up to 8GB of RAM.

Whether individuals overcome their initial hesitations is anyone’s guess – mandatory Kinect usage, television integration and a lack of backwards compatibility and game-sharing capabilities are all currently sore spots with potential buyers. But Microsoft can’t be blamed for failing to rethink what a video gaming console should be. The Xbox One is designed to be a comprehensive media platform.

PlayStation 4 – The Unknown

Sony recently announced the launch titles for the PS4 system, and among them were such favorites as KillZone, Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty. Like the Xbox One, Sony’s offering will also include an all-new controller, in this case the latest version of the company’s DualShock device. Called the DualShock4, the controller incorporates some new features, such as a new touch pad on the front of the controller, a new shape touted to be more ergonomic and enhanced vibration through new motors built into the device. User reviews are still coming in, so the PS4 is in many ways still a question left to be answered.

A New Type of Gaming

The gaming world is constantly changing and these two new systems are proof of it. Both platforms are Blu-Ray compatible and include access to such online services as Netflix and Hulu Plus. They also incorporate in-house rental services like iTunes, where gamers can rent or buy television shows and movies. Buyers will be glad to know, however, that the games have not yet been excised from the gaming platforms.

— By Robert Carrier



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