You Can Cosponsor a House Bill With a Facebook App

Published On June 13, 2013 | App & Software

Everyone has their own opinion, and some people like to voice theirs more than others. But if you have something to say when it comes to politics, and want it to actually be heard, there’s now an app for that.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) recently launched The Facebook-based website and app lets users demonstrate their support for and track legislation in the House.

According to a statement released by Cantor:

“The launch of is a sweeping expansion of our Citizen Cosponsor Project. The new website will now feature every bill and resolution introduced in the House, from Republicans and Democrats. I’m excited that any engaged citizen can voice their support, and track the status of legislation in the House.”

Users can search the website by sponsor, title or bill number. The tracker allows users to see where the bill currently stands.

According to Mashable,

“After marking support for a bill, users are updated on the bill’s progress via Facebook notifications. Other services, such as, offer similar legislation-tracking features for all congressional bills. But Citizen Cosponsor is notable because of its creator: a member of Congress.”

The next time you want to get involved in politics and want to take it further than buying a bumper sticker or t-shirt, you can cosponsor a house bill or support legislation using a Facebook app.

— By Jennifer Thayer



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