Your Favorite Band is Playing a Concert at Your House!

Published On April 18, 2013 | Tech Business

If you love going to concerts but hate having to pay top dollar for the best seats only to have other concertgoers talking or taking photos on their cell phones the whole time (seriously, how annoying is that?), there is now a way for you to catch your favorite band or artist live on stage – from the comfort of your home.

EVNTLIVE aims to be an on-demand curator of live concerts online. The company recently started offering invitations to the beta version of its service, which it expects to remain in development for a few more weeks. Users can sign up for the invitation and start using it the following week.

According to Mashable,

“EVNTLIVE will focus on a couple of different methods of delivering performances. First and foremost, the platform will offer webcasts of live concerts. Though they are not yet able to announce any names, CEO Judy Estrin told Mashable, ‘Our focus is a combination of signed, popular indie [artists] that have strong followings up to the top brands.’”

EVNTLIVE is also looking to add previous concert footage to its catalog for on-demand viewing at a later time.

As of now, EVNTLIVE is looking at three different pricing options for the live concert streaming. But whichever option they choose will still be cheaper than paying for tickets to the concert. You can invite some of your other cheap friends over and have a VIP concert in your living room.

Do you plan on using a live concert streaming platform this year?



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